White-tailed Deer, 24" x 30" Oil on Canvas

I had a great time painting this buck. He's just freshly rubbed a sapling – "Posting Up" for the fall, marking the territory he's claimed as his own for the remainder of the year. He's an incredible display of the raw power and brute strength white-tailed bucks exhibit in October. Swollen neck, muscular chest, and fresh sapling shavings all over his bases, this buck has just snapped to attention after noticing something awry in his new territory. It could be a hunter, a coyote, or even that buck that took a notch out of his left ear last year - all are challenges he'll have to contend with in the weeks ahead.

A very limited edition of only 30 canvas prints were available for purchase and are spot-on in size and color to the original.

"Posting Up" in Progress in Ryan's Studio