Coyotes get a bad rap. I’m just as guilty of it as anyone. They’re easy to blame for the lack of game, but they’re just opportunists and hunters like the rest of us. I’ve worked with conservation groups for years, and now even own my own farms and work to improve their habitat with experts in land management. The one thing I’ve learned from them is that creating good habitat is the number one thing we can do to help the game species we want to see thrive. Good habitat and good management techniques are going to increase the amount of game, and with an increase in the amount of game comes an increase in…coyotes. It’s just part of the circle of life. So, I figured if I’m gonna paint one, I might as well paint him handsome and well lit. 


I painted this piece for a project with Winchester Ammunition to be featured on a Varmint X package. It was one of several pieces to be highlighted on their ammo in 2022.