White-tailed Deer, 24"x18" Oil on Board

The Low Country of South Carolina is one of the few places you can hunt whitetails in velvet. So in preparation for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo one year, I decided to break away from the buck-and-doe combo so often painted and depict an early-season scene for the southern deer hunter. This buck has emerged from the planted pines in the background into the buttery evening light of late summer, which has his velvet rack lit up against the shadows. 

As I painted this deer, I enjoyed interacting with followers on social media through the process. I even painted in a persimmon limb on the left side of the canvas after Instagram followers voted "yes" on the idea through my Instagram story. It's a favorite food among deer and extra detail that the southern deer hunter can appreciate. Followers even submitted titles for the piece and voted for the winner, "Southern Gentleman." At the show, this piece was sold and headed to the home of another southern gentleman.