Elk, 30" x 20" Oil on Canvas

2015 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Premiere Art Program

One of my favorite paintings to date, I painted this elk in preparation for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. The reference photo came from John Hafner and from the very first brushstroke, I could tell this painting was going to turn out well. I just had a good feeling about it. 

I shifted my underpainting color to a much cooler blue, and for that matter shifted my entire color palette to match the sage and cool blue of the distant, early morning mountains. I added the short dip in the distant skyline in the upper right corner towards the end of the painting to give the piece some breathing room and a sense of atmosphere as the mountains drop back into the distance. The painting was a hit at the show, looked good in a frame, and sold on the second day. 

The piece was selected into the 2015 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Premiere Art Program. Proceeds from the sale of this print at RMEF banquets across the country have helped to fund vitally important conservation efforts for the future of elk and their habitat. A limited-edition of 50 Artist's Proof Prints are available for purchase.

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