“Three Kings” is a 30”x 24” original oil painting of the three types of Labradors, Golden, Chocolate, and Black, completed in 2021 for my newest print release, “The Labrador Retriever: The World’s Most Popular Hunting Dog”.

Labrador Retrievers are natural athletes, with the gift and drive of a winner. Their versatility, durability and endurance, combined with an unparalleled drive and eagerness to please have made this sporting dog breed the world's most popular for decades, and for good reason. I created this original oil painting as the centerpiece for our Labrador Retriever paper print, showcasing the three primary colors of labs: black, chocolate and yellow. Backed by a marsh (where labs do their best work) these three kings look eagerly to the skies, ready to show their hunting partner what they’re made of. There’s two centuries of labor and love bred into these sporting dogs, and it shows in their eyes.

To view the Labrador retriever print release, click HERE.