Bull Moose, 24" x 30" Oil on Canvas

The fifth of Ryan’s paintings to be featured on the cover of Outdoor Life Magazine, "Yukon Gold" was painted for the Adventure Issue. A giant bull moose crosses the shallow end of a lake, his massive palms catching the light from the sky overhead. Just as the bull makes his way across the open water, a trio of adventure-seeking moose hunters round a distant bend in the shoreline. Their guide steadies the boat with one oar in the water and holds the other over his head, hoping to decoy the bull and get him to stop long enough for a shot. The scene illustrates a feature story inside written by Andrew McKean about his own adventures chasing these iconic big game animals in their remote habitat. This painting is a true symbol of wilderness adventure and the exhilarating moment of truth. Watch the time-lapse of this piece in progress in Ryan's studio below.


”Yukon Gold” on the Adventure Issue cover of  Outdoor Life  Magazine

”Yukon Gold” on the Adventure Issue cover of Outdoor Life Magazine


A Limited Collector's Edition of 100 canvas prints is available for purchase. Each canvas comes signed and numbered by the artist. The first 25 canvas prints purchased come with a signed copy of the magazine.

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