Every morning, we have the same routine. I wake up early, start coffee and feed Georgia (who promptly leaves after breakfast and then waits outside the bedroom door for Kim). I pour myself coffee, always in my go-to Winchester mug, and then I sit down in a chair in the corner of the living room, directly across from a painting of two strutting longboards. I read, and I write. As we wrap up another year, I thought it fitting to share my words. Here's my final entry for 2015:

Lord, it's the end of another great year. So many great things happened in the past 12 months. 

  • Kim and I made a baby!
  • I launched a complete rebrand, which is fun to work with, authentic, and that I'm confident is the future of my life and business
  • Our family and friend relationships are the best they've ever been
  • I have a new nephew, and he's the man
  • Georgia turned 10 and is doing well, even though her eyebrows are the color of snow
  • Kim shot her first dove on opening day, and I'll never forget how pumped she was when she hit it
  • I killed a great deer on my parent's place, which I haven't done in years, and dad, Tyler and Colin were all there to share it
  • We had another great year exhibiting at SEWE
  • I had the opportunity to paint another Outdoor Life cover, which is tremendous
  • A collector sent his private jet and his helicopter to fly Kim and I to his home, where he bought a couple originals for his man room. That's a first!
  • I landed two paintings in the NWTF core pack, and got to spend a couple days signing giclees at the NWTF headquarters in Edgefield. That's where it all began.
  • An original deer piece called "The Slip" raised $10,000 at auction for the Warsaw Fall Classic
  • Outdoor Life ran a story on Papa. And while he may not admit it, I know he was proud to see it in print
  • My business is strong, and I feel I'm doing better and better work each day, not only for myself but also for my clients
  • Crossfit has really made a difference in our life physically and mentally

Lord, You know I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, so I'm not gonna make them. But I really do believe that this will be our best year yet. Our happiest year. Our most rewarding year. And none of it is possible without You. Your presence in our life gives us wisdom, confidence and hope. Your salvation gives us reason to believe, and the strength to endure anything that may lie ahead. 

In the next year, help us to really, really hit our stride. I know that changes are coming with this baby. Major changes. Changes that will turn our life upside down. Our life will never be the same after this child - it'll be far better. Thank you for an incredible 2015. Let's walk together and make 2016 far better than we could ever think possible. 

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