"Swamp Patrol" Framed Original Wild Turkey Painting by Ryan Kirby

"Swamp Patrol" Framed Original Wild Turkey Painting by Ryan Kirby


Osceola Wild Turkeys, 36" x 24" Oil on Canvas

Each year I look forward to kicking off the spring season in Florida hunting Osceolas, mainly for the wildly different terrain - palmettos, swamps, giant moss-covered oaks and wide open cattle pastures. (Not to mention the earliest turkey opener in the country.) Last year I was snapping pics of a wild hog we spotted one evening while hunting and captured the background for this scene in a swamp bordering a clearcut. Immediately I pictured a couple of two-year old birds "patrolling" the area in half-strut. I hit the studio as soon as we returned and started on "Swamp Patrol". It was my first painting of the year and a fun challenge to paint the reflections and the contrast between light and shadow bouncing off the palmettos in the fading evening light.

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